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Cleopatra – The Unforgettable Musical About the Ruler of Egypt

The musical premiered at the Broadway Theatre in 202 and is still being performed today. A limited number of tickets are still available for a limited number of performances. The music for the musical was composed by Michal David and directed by Philip Wrench. Michal David has written many musicals in our country, not only […]

Take Advantage of Online Services

Do you put off visiting the office when you need to do something? No wonder. It\’s a nightmare we all experience. Everyone has their own way of using their free time. Everyone needs to visit an establishment from time to time. Businessmen, for example, have to face this martyrdom in large numbers. Do you need […]

Dangerous Country

At the mention of the word “travel,” most people fantasize and think about what countries they would like to visit.§ On the flip side,have you ever wondered what country you would never want to visit? 10] One such country that only adventurers would probably visit is Somalia.A country that could be a true paradise if […]

Investing as a Means of Making Money

Many of us somehow manage to earn that standard income and are content. On top of that, we have to pay bills, buy food, and feed our families. It is not an easy life where failure is not an option and we always have to earn a portion of our funds. At the same time, […]

Fragrances for Women

Chloé ChloéThis fragrance consists of lychee, freesia, peony, magnolia, rose, lily, ambergris and Virginia juniper. The powdery floral scent lasts for a long time and is appropriate for both everyday life and special occasions. The lid is decorated with a ribbon and the entire fragrance is finished in a pink style. 1,500-2,600 CZK depending on […]

Study in England

Want to go to university but don\’t know which one best suits your needs? Can\’t find the course you want? Do you love the English language and the UK? If so, studying in the UK may be the right choice for you.How do I get there?The enrollment process differs from that in the Czech Republic. […]

Mature Women and Young Men

between older men and young womenare considered a bit odd, but more or less socially acceptable.On the other hand, people do not consider it normal either. When an older woman and a young manhave a relationship,it usually provokes people, and many people condemn such a woman. This situation goes against the biological stereotype, so to […]

Second language Changes Personality

At the beginning of the 21st century. A century ago, it turned out that about 61 percent of people feel different when they speak a different language. In Spain, it was found that when participants took the test in English, they scored higher in friendliness and honesty than when they took the test in Spanish. […]

The Magic of the Moment Live in the Here and Now!

You may have heard of it, or it may be new to you. Either way, the magic of the present moment is being talked about more and more. It\’s a paradox, but 80%of us cannot live in the present moment. As our bodies breathe and we read these lines, for a brief moment we realize […]