Coffee! Daily companion

If you\’re the type of person who has to have coffee in your hands when you wake up, you\’re definitely not alone. Coffee starts the day for thousands of people around the world. Some countries claim that the method of preparing coffee belongs to them.
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How do you drink coffee? Do you eat it with sugar and milk? Or do you like pure and bitter coffee?

At one time, coffee was virtually unavailable. It was replaced, for example, chicory, that is, crushed chicory. Today, coffee is enough, someone drinks it only for tasting, and someone drinks it as a source of energy during long work.

Wherever you go, they ask you, “Would you like a cup of coffee?”Friends will say to each other: “Let\’s go for coffee!””Coffee really belongs to life, and there is definitely an addiction, but it\’s not just caffeine, which is obviously addictive. It can also be a kind of social dependence.
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There are 2 types of coffee trees: Arabic and Hefty. The first of them produces arabica coffee, these are high-quality coffee beans. The second type is the so-called robusta, which is not so demanding to grow, but its crop does not reach the quality of the Arabian coffee tree.

Quality is also affected by processing, roasting and grinding methods. More and more popular are coffee with a higher acidity, acidity. It is true that among gourmets, the more acidic it is, the better.

Scientists are still investigating the effects of coffee on the human body. The latest results show that drinking coffee has a positive effect. On the one hand it contains antioxidants that absorb free radicals, on the other hand it promotes blood circulation. It is believed that if a person drinks 1 cup of coffee in 4 days, he prolongs his life.
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There are also coffee shop chains that build their image on providing high quality coffee to their customers. Some have even become phenomena. The demand for baristas is also growing, these are people who professionally prepare your favorite drink. There are many ways to prepare coffee, so this activity will also be a science.