Architecture in Vienna

Vienna is a popular tourist destination both in the summer season and in the winter season when the city is abuzz with Christmas markets. People come to buy clothes, eat delicious food, ride in horse-drawn carriages, and, above all, see the sights and important buildings.
vídeň večer
① Schönbrunn Palace
The baroque Schönbrunn Palace is located on the outskirts of Vienna. It was once the summer residence of Maria Theresa and Franz Joseph I. In addition to the castle, Schönbrunn has a large park with a zoo and a botanical garden.
2) Town Hall
The neo-Gothic town hall, built by Friedrich von Schmidt, was constructed with great attention to detail. In winter, it is adjacent to the famous Christmas market and ice skating rink.
3) Hofburg
Formerly the residence of the Habsburgs, this building is a mixture of different artistic styles. It is currently home to the President of Austria. It is home to the Treasure House and the famous Spanish Riding School. There is also a museum with works by Picasso, Dürer, and Rubens.
4) Parliament Building
This building, modeled after Greek antiquity, is located near the City Hall and the Hofburg. In front of the building is the Pallas Athena fountain.
5) Carls Church
Dedicated to the Italian saint Charles of Borromea, this is the largest Baroque church north of the Alps. The style here is incongruous, with only two Roman-Oriental columns and a Greek-style portal.
6) Belvedere
Belvedere Castle is located on the outskirts of central Vienna. It is the largest palace complex in Vienna and owes its beauty to the Eugenes of Savoy. Designed by the author of the Palace of Versailles, the castle also has extensive gardens. It also has an alpine garden, where 4,000 species of alpine plants can be seen.
palác vídeň
vídeň večerHundertwasserhaus
A gem of architecture unlike any other building in Vienna. Its atypical rounded shape and lush vegetation are indicative of Friedrich Hundertwasser\’s unique attitude. Originally intended for the underprivileged, it is now a tourist attraction for the general public.