This name leans into our economy every fall. Most people think it\’s the automotive industry. But what does all this concept hide?
The industry is far from just car manufacturers, even though all parts will eventually end up. This sector includes the production of each component on which a new car will be assembled. It has been at the forefront of our industry for several years, and its number is above average in every respect. Let it be labor productivity, profit and employment. We are not only in the passenger car section, but also in the bus section, even one of the great powers in this field.1 Thanks to the strategic location of the republic in the center of Europe, the quality and price of work, cooperation with major world brands, we can boast of a dense network of production plants, distribution centers throughout the country.Skladník v akci.jpg
Our production includes seats, headrests, car mats, upholstery, coolers, brakes, lights, small metal and plastic parts, car radios, locks. In addition, we often assemble larger parts from materials supplied from other countries around the world.
Today, manufacturing companies are often divided into ICU and JIT to optimize production. Under these abbreviations, advanced logistics processes find “just in order” and “just in time”. These mechanisms control orders, the storage of materials, and even the production itself, which is the most accurate way icu is currently and reacts very quickly to changes in market demand. There is a high demand for flexibility and a permanent functional network of suppliers and carriers.Skladník v akci.jpg
Employees in the automotive industry range from production line workers to management workers, managers, special technical workers, developers, warehouse managers, drivers, quality managers and many supporting professions such as related catering services, accommodation, language tutors and coordinators. Both small family companies often supply exclusive parts, and medium and large companies apply here. Thus, one industry interferes with the plethora of other industries and labor markets. We have seen unprecedented growth in recent years, and there is still a positive trend, even as the coming crisis is increasingly tipped. How big it will be is unknown at the moment.