Children get excited

Most of today\’s children are not fully aware of the games our parents use to play. Today they are primarily interested in games that are at least somehow connected with modern technology. If you look out the window in the afternoon or on the weekend, you can see only the orphan\’s playground. Children can not play as before. Most of them are trapped at home with computers and mobile phones.

Let\’s recall the popular games that we and our parents used to play when they were young.

děti běží lesem

The gameBloody Knees(known as Bloody Grandpa) was very popular. The name of this fear probably arose because of the increased risk of a broken knee during the chase.

This game is played in a similar way to today\’s games. The difference is that 1 child is chosen to represent a bloody knee. Together with the next player, he will agree on the time when the bloody old man will begin to catch the child (for example, at 6 o\’clock). So the other kids start counting – one hour was struck, the lamp was still on, two hours was struck, the lamp was still on, and so on lasted until 6. It\’s time At that moment, the player shouts that the lamp is already gone, and the bloody old man runs and begins to catch the children. The first thing to grab will be a new knee.

kluci hrají na schovávanou

Jumping over the rubberwas a great classic, especially among girls. The two girls were standing facing each other, holding outstretched rubber. Other players began to jump different kits from the lowest and at the same time the simplest levels. With perfect execution, it followed the next round (the rubber moved higher above the ankle, and then to the middle of the calf, knees, etc.).).

Another very popular game was certainly the game of Evocation. This ball game is played by having the player throw a balloon into the air and shout “I call,I call ” and the child who provoked himself must catch the ball and then he can begin to provoke again.


Among the proven classics are the gameHonzo, Get uporsugar, coffee and lemonade. The first mentioned game is played in such a way that one of the players stands further away from the other and shouts ” Honza, get up.”. Children, who will be next, ask the question “What time is it.” and for example, the player answers “Five ants “(these are the smallest steps forward). The golden mean is the step of 5 chickens, and the biggest step is the step of 5 elephants. Of course, there may be more or less steps, not always there are 5. The second game is played in such a way that one of the children chants the formula ” sugar, coffee, lemonade, Boom” while in words “boom ” becomes sharply and the other children move like a statue The child must return to the beginning.


i understand.. Play with 1 child of them. Maybe these games will seem a bit strange to your kids, but I believe they will definitely want to play them. It will certainly be a pleasant change for them.