Cold Relationships

The reason this happens to you is called a cold relationship. This is the fact that nothing has happened for a long time. The passion is gone from your life and you no longer feel anything for your partner. However, a certain affection remains. So you fall in love with someone who shows more interest. Sometimes you just need to understand and listen to their problems. Someone who shows more interest suddenly becomes more attractive than a lover of several years.

Líbající se siluety.

Possible solutions in point

Secret affairs

– .See a psychotherapist with your partner

Separation or divorce


Yes, this too is possible but not entirely moral. However, we do not entirely recommend this option, as it could easily lead to the last point. However, it is also possible to end the relationship without taking this option.
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The best solution is to go to couples counseling. This is common nowadays. Every relationship cools off over time, and you need to deal with that in some way. If your partner sees the same thing you do and agrees to go, that is a great sign that he cares about you. If he sees it as a problem and denies it completely, then something is definitely wrong, both of you need to work on the relationship, and one person alone cannot make a relationship last. You\’re going to break up anyway, you\’re just delaying it unnecessarily.

The last thing you want is a breakup. If you feel you don\’t know what to do anymore, there is no other way. There are emotional attachments that cannot be ignored, and if they are mutual, they must be held on to. It is very futile to give up a relationship because of a one-sided emotion, but it may only be a momentary infatuation. But it may be only a momentary infatuation. If it does, you will weep for what was not much of a future. Of course, if there are children, one tries to repair the relationship in some way. Children need both parents, and divorce causes unnecessary trauma to children. Getting psychological counseling for the child is also a good idea. They may have future relationship problems because of the bad experience. They may become estranged from you. So it is better to take professional help as a precaution. Whether he is 10 or 5 years old.

Of course, make your decision based on your heart and feelings. We know that love can make your head spin. So let\’s make a quick decision!