Enhance your balcony

Whether you live in an apartment or a large house, your home has an outdoor space called a balcony. And while it is a relatively small part of your home, you can turn it into a comfortable place to relax, unwind, enjoy the comforts of home, or sit with friends.

dívka na balkoně

… .1 Apartment balcony


The options for apartment balconies are quite scarce. But do not despair. For even a small space can be transformed into your own personal paradise, creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially in the summer.

Very importantly, a balcony is not complete without flowers and plants. Flowers and plants make balconies cozy and comfortable places. The advantage is that you can put them on the railing and they will not take up any space you want to save. A further consideration is a clever seating solution. At least two chairs and a smaller table should be placed on the balcony of each apartment.

In the summer, a little shade is also appreciated, so don\’t be afraid of the option of getting a retractable canopy or a simple parasol.
dřevěné okenice

… .2 Spacious balcony inside the house


The main feature of a balcony in a house is undoubtedly its spaciousness. This indicates that planning a larger seating area provides more opportunities to make the place a place of comfort and an invigorating atmosphere. Depending on the options, consider providing large flowers and ornamental shrubs. These give a cozy aspect as well as privacy. You can also opt for a seating area that is much larger and more comfortable than an apartment.

Sun loungers, larger parasols, or smaller sofas are only possible in apartments.

… .3 What about forgotten items?

Above all, balconies need color. To feel great on your balcony, to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air, you also need colorful shades that will make spring, summer, and fall even better.

Don\’t forget to choose accessories and ornaments, as well as colorful cushions and smaller rugs.