Free Audiobooks

Maybe you simply don\’t enjoy reading, or maybe you don\’t have time to read because of work or responsibilities. However, you can listen to many audiobooks on the Internet. You can find everything you want on at least one page. Many of them are free to listen to these days. Of course, don\’t expect to get everything you can think of that way. You have to pay extra for something.

kniha se sluchátky

You can also find audiobooks on YouTube; YouTube is free, so you have nothing to worry about. Some videos are divided into parts depending on the length of the book. However, the selection is not that extensive, and once you find a few basic books, the rest is unavailable. Rather, discussions about books are filmed here.
audioknihy a ucho

On you will find a much larger assortment. No matter how you search, you need to know exactly what books you want. Also, have a little patience and don\’t give up after the first bad download. You might also try using a search engine. You will find many foreign sites where you can download files, but be careful of viruses.

Online, Radio Wave offers several audiobooks. The Old Man and the Sea, for example, is still mostly multipart, but you may find something here that is not available elsewhere. Radio Wave also has a very good reputation, and you can find a variety of programs and podcasts in addition to audiobooks. You can also learn about the authors of the books. Furthermore, the important part – the voice of the person reading the story – is really hilarious.
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You can spend a really long time looking for free audio versions. However, Google, for example, offers several relatively inexpensive versions that will work better than, for example, purchasing from the Audiotheque site. If the search doesn\’t work, you have to invest. On some sites, you pay to become a member, and as a result, the books cost only a few kronor. However, sometimes it is worth sacrificing time to start reading a hardcover book, and the price difference can be half the price.