From small wooden garden houses

[When children are born, changes come not only to the house but also to the layout of the garden. As the children grow, so do their demands on how to spend their leisure time. First, a sandbox is built, where children experiment with crafts for the first time. Then a swing is hung from a mature tree, or a soccer goal is placed in an improvised playground. Then comes the construction of the first garden house, which will become the children\’s favorite place. The ideal material is wood. It is the right material not only for the exterior walls, but also for the interior furnishings. Floors, beds, rockers. For roofing materials, classic roofing materials can be used, which will protect it from the rain. Children will love spending time in it during the school holidays in a few years. Most children will also love spending time with their friends.

Zahradní domek u bazénu

A brick gazebo at the end of the garden


A garden gazebo is a great place to gather with friends or with the whole family. Place it in the greenery of your garden. You can choose wood for construction, or you can build a classic gazebo with bricks. Another option is to purchase an assembled building, which can be built to your specifications by an assembly expert. Depending on the anticipated size, construction must be declared. A building permit must be obtained. If the building area of the proposed house is less than 25 square meters, no permit is required. If you are constructing a garden house on your own, be sure to reserve space for a terrace when preparing the foundation slab.
Zahradní domek pro děti
The terrace is connected to the living space. And in the summer, it provides space to sit with a large group of friends. A roof is the most appropriate for an outdoor terrace. The use of technical textiles will mainly block the sun\’s rays. If you want to protect your terrace from the rain, the latest trend is to use slatted shades. This structure is waterproof and can withstand the onslaught of both rain and wind. By tilting the sawtooth, the amount of light reaching the terrace can be determined according to the weather conditions.