Housing problems?

People do not live in fairy tales. That is why their lives are sometimes not as complicated as in fairy tales, and unlike traditional fairy tales, not everything ends with a happy ending. Anything can happen at any time, and indeed it does. And wishing for a higher power or some sort of magical intervention does not pay off in this case.
obchodnĂ­ci na burze

This applies to everything except housing.

How many people in our country alone must live in substandard housing conditions? How many people live in rental housing and are therefore at the mercy of their landlords? The landlord may decide that he no longer wants them to live there and that they should move out! And how many people are sleeping wherever they can without being evicted because they basically have no roof over their heads?
prodej domu

These people are in the same situation through no fault of their own. They just had no choice but to live as long as they could. Mostly because they do not have

They do not have the money to buy their own house or apartment that would meet their needs, that would not evict them from anyone, and that would assure them that they are their own masters.

What if they do not want to accept this kind of adversity? What if, like many other fortunate people, they also want to live in their own homes?

For example, they find the perfect house or apartment for their taste on the Internet or in a realtor\’s catalog, and…


Then you go to the bank to borrow money to buy such a property. That\’s how it works. But after changing several banks, nothing. Sometimes they are turned down with an “I\’m sorry” because their income is not sufficient, they do not have a stable job, or there is a dent in their debtors\’ list.

What then? Do you fall into despair? Do you accept your fate and live on the streets? Or do you go to a hostel? Hostels are a very unfortunate solution, although they are partially paid for by the government.

No, you do not have to go to a hostel! In principle, you don\’t have to go that far. Because even if the bank doesn\’t lend, someone else might. After all, we have non-banks. For example, the kind that offer mortgages in the US. You don\’t have to prove your income and you don\’t have to worry about credit registry. In fact, all you have to do is one thing. You have to carefully calculate whether your income will allow you to repay the loan. That\’s it.

Then the life of such a person will be truly wonderful. I don\’t mean living in a cottage of hats, moss and ferns.