How to Build a Chicken Coop

What do you use to build the coop?
Everyone knows that a variety of materials are available on the market. But everyone also wants to save money. From my own experience, I recommend old discarded pallets. There are literally mountains of pallets lying around in companies and offices. Pallets have excellent structural strength and are perfect for supporting the core of a chicken coop. Roofs can also be made by joining several pallets together. Another advantage is that they are uniform in size, making them very easy to work with during the design process. Many of the pallets are also of very high quality in terms of materials. High-quality wood is essential to making a building last for several years.
But pallets are assembled from regularly spaced boards. How can we do this? The answer may be to attach 0.5 mm (0.6 mm) thick OSB boards to both the resulting walls and roof. The cost would be a few hundred dollars and the chicken coop would be habitable immediately. For the roof it is recommended to affix so-called beaver board, i.e. asphalt corrugated board. Even if beaver board is not the only alternative, companies now offer a variety of alternatives. If the subfloor is solid, the chickens will be well protected from rain and snow.
Slepice u krmítka

How to build a chicken coop?

Ideally, 50-60 cm high legs should be erected at the four corners. It is recommended to put the posts on bricks or, as in my case, to eliminate the formwork and pour concrete. Why? Because the building will be more stable in waterlogged terrain.
By connecting two pallets together, a front wall and a rear wall are created. Connecting one pallet from each side completes the building. The roof and floor are built in the same way. Pallets must be attached to each other. Sometimes it is impossible not to cut them with a jigsaw or similar tool, but this method makes the work easier.
Pohled na kurník se slepičkami
A box can be built in the front for the poultry house, allowing space for ashes, feed, and other aids for handling poultry

How to handle the wood?

There are many products on the market that are parasite friendly and prevent parasites from ruining your work. Paints also protect wood. There are no limits to the imagination.

Insulated chicken coops?

Gaps in the pallets can be filled with polystyrene. You need to buy polystyrene and cut it. In my case, I chose 80 cm thick. Why do we put insulation? To keep the chickens comfortable during the winter.
If you add electricity to the chicken coop, you can heat it and use light to simulate daylight.

Final touches [27].
A perch needs to be built inside the chicken coop. A perch approximately 10 cm wide is recommended. A round perch will destroy the chicken\’s rib cage and put a lot of pressure on it. Also, arrange the laying cells inside so that the hens can lay where they want.