Saving the family budget

Where to take and not steal? This is a question that bothers many. Sometimes we make the same mistakes again and again and don\’t realize we\’re in a vicious circle. The most common mistake that families make is not knowing exactly how much they spend each month. Something here and there, it will eventually give a lot. Don\’t be afraid to write your costs carefully.
nákupní výdaje za jídlo

There are no banks like banks

People are said to be conservative and do not like to change anything, at least as far as the Czechs are concerned. And, unfortunately, a lot of money can flow through our fingers just by depositing money in a bank with a high commission. Banks have differences, and sometimes they open an account for us for free, and elsewhere we pay for it. As for the management of the account, withdrawals from ATMs here also make a difference. For example, to pay to the bank every month will be 50CZK to maintain the account, even 600CZK for the year. If we multiply this by 5 years, we are already talking about the amount of CZK3,000, which is already noticeable. Therefore, consider the bank where you entrust your money, and if you are not satisfied, do not be afraid to change.
ruka s perem
Laziness Pays off
We get up at the last minute and then buy coffee and snacks on the way to work at a gas station. All this should be a last resort, not a rule, but occasionally. Food already prepared by someone is quite expensive, and if we choose this method every day, wondering why we do not get along with money, get up 30 minutes earlier and learn to enjoy a peaceful and cheap coffee. Make a snack at home, and do not buy overpriced baguettes in vending machines. There is a price to pay for laziness, and this also applies to finance.

Sugar is half cheaper, butter is 10 crowns cheaper, and milk is half. Learn whether there is an opportunity to buy basic things such as pasta, rice, milk and flour in a large store. They are often cheaper than small stores. But also pay attention to quality, you can buy for less money and quality. Large hypermarkets often have goods in large packages, but it also pays off. But on the other hand, shopping for cheaper products is also not the solution. There is a place for attention, because it is what we save on the goods that we spend on gasoline. Never get caught up in discounts and do not buy more that can be consumed in the near future. Some people are prone to the euphoria of cheap goods, for example, they can buy a package of dozens of rice for at least the next 5 years.