Star Trek Timelines – Space Adventure right on your mobile

Fans of the popular phenomenon of space travel to the unknown in the Star Trek universe will certainly appreciate the opportunity to play captain of their own starship on the computer. There are many games on this theme, but most of them are outdated and have graphical options that perfectly portray the skills of programmers of the 1990s. Despite this, I personally know of only one game that is regularly updated and responds to news of a new Star Trek series.

hvězdná loď Enterprise

Despite the fact that this online game is only available on Windows computers, mobile platform userswho like to play something on their cell phones need not be immediately sad.

Star Trek Timelines can be enjoyed for free on both gaming PCs and mobile devices, and can be downloaded and installed for free from the Goole Play Store, App Store, or Steam gaming portal. There is no need to pay for this game initially, but if you want special objects, ships or characters, your wallet will not thank you. Therefore, Timelines is a game for players who like to wait and want to have maximum fun.

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The video game offers dozens of missions, and these missions must be played countless times in order to obtain the special items needed to level up the familiar characters in the Star Trek universe. After all, the main objective is to get as many characters as possible, level them up to their full potential, and participate in the occasional NPC ship-to-ship battle. Like characters, ships do not start out at maximum level. By collecting ship blueprints, you can increase the firepower and defense of your fleet, including the ship you are currently playing. Playing missions unlocks the story and gives you access to more missions, but ultimately it\’s about getting the most items you need to improvise your character abilities from those missions. However, you don\’t level up a single character in a single day. That said, this game is primarily for patient players who like to wait. For those who want to get everything right away, there is, of course, the option of buying schematics and characters directly from the store with real money.

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In general, “Star Trek Timeline” is an interesting game that immerses you in the story at first, but over time it becomes rather boring. This is because it is easy to fall into stereotypes when you keep playing the same missions, fighting the same ships, leveling up your characters, and adding resources to various alliances on a daily basis. It\’s a good way to pass the time.