Take the kids to the zoo

While encouraging children to interact with nature is certainly commendable, it is also important that they understand the big picture and have opportunities to interact with animals in person, not just on the pages of a textbook or in pictures and videos on the Internet It is important that children understand the big picture and have the opportunity to interact with animals in person, not just through pictures and videos in textbooks or on the Internet. It is one thing to see a kangaroo on a screen; it is quite another to touch, pet, and feed it when the opportunity arises. When was the last time you visited a zoo or animal park?

Mýval v ZOO

Why do you regularly take your children to the zoo

Contact with nature – Even garbage dumps can be a way to get in touch with nature. From this irrational example, I would suggest that it is better to go to a park or forest, or at least a botanical garden in the city. In a zoo, children can also encounter different kinds of animals that they would not normally encounter in nature.

Žirafa v ZOO

Energy – Children want to have pets at home because they are living things, they produce energy and they also satisfy and recharge us. It is human nature to want to be close to living things, and those who avoid or resist this natural expression tend to be mentally ill. There is so much energy in the zoo that one can “feel it in the air.”

Empathy – Interaction with animals fosters compassion and empathy in children, qualities with which they will grow up and later find partners to build their families. People who have good relationships with animals are likely to have good relationships with children and other adults.

Natural Ways of Expression – Animals have a wonderful way of displaying very natural behavior. By observing the animals in the zoo, even we adults can learn how we tend to complicate our lives and how we can be happy enough with less.