The Almighty Internet

The Internet has become a normal part of our lives. We need the Internet to manage our schedules, organize our work, find information, shop, manage our finances, and communicate with friends and family. If the Internet were to shut down, today\’s modern world would probably be thrown into chaos.
dívka s tabletem
Young, yet very important
Americans Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf are the so-called inventors of the Internet, working to unify packet network protocols and endpoint computers. Initially, the name Catanet was used, but the name Internet eventually took hold. The first interconnections between networks were made and information was transmitted as early as 1969.
internet kolem světa
The Czech Republic was connected to the network 26 years ago, in 1992, at the dawn or rather the early days of the Internet. The first connection was made at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where a project was launched to further expand the network. At the time, data transmission was incredibly slow and the snail\’s pace was a veritable drop in the bucket. But progress, development, and perseverance paid off, and today we are downloading, transmitting, tracking, and communicating at breakneck speed without the slightest impediment.
připojení věcí
Something we cannot do without today
The Internet has become a source of information, a means of communication, and an endless database of everything imaginable. You can find anything here. People share their experiences, watch shows and videos, study, work, relax, and create. Important databases and systems operate on the Internet, connecting banks, government agencies, individuals, and businesses. Media that no one knew or understood decades ago are needed by almost everyone today. From young children to the elderly, everyone is intimately connected to the Internet, and unknowingly, the Internet guides our actions everywhere we go. In the past, the Internet has seemed like a good servant, but it can quickly and easily turn into a bad master. So let us be vigilant.