The Internet undermines our communication skills.

As already mentioned, a significant portion of the population spends a lot of time on the Internet every day. In connection with communication and the impact of the Internet on it, you probably know that social networks and communication through chat platforms In fact, everything that we do online, either actively or passively, from reading news sites to playing games, is the basis for us and our representation. Influence
More research is being done on the impact of the Internet on communication and expression, but a clear fact that cannot be refuted by the results of another study, everything depends on how we treat the Internet, and its use can have both good and bad effects on us.mluvené slovo
Negatively affects our spoken language, but above all written speech, first of all, has a social network. Have you noticed that you are writing text without diacritics or punctuation? Chat is clearly to blame, not only omitting these elements, but also ignoring grammatical rules, usually saving time to write easily or with abbreviations, thereby limiting our vocabulary. People also often pick up a kind of slang mostly common English words that are useful in the online world, but their use in everyday life is useless. Among other things, communication limited to chat may be to blame for more complex issues of concentration and expression of thought.surfování na internetu
But, as already mentioned, the Internet can also have a positive impact on our representation. When communicating over the Internet with colleagues and business partners, we are expanding the practice of written and electronic communication, which is subject to certain formal standards. Frequent communication in this “environment” strengthens these norms and improves skills. Another example may be a situation where quality reading material can expand your vocabulary or improve your ability to formulate a particular message.
How you perceive the Internet and affect your representation. Your communication skills are worse with whether you use the Internet more often or not.