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Recently, the Internet has brought information about how great our Constitutional Court is – in my opinion, rather “great” – and it has brought information about how great our Constitutional Court is. And this is not the only one. As noted in an internet post, there are people who have borrowed from non-bank loan providers in the past Profi Credit Czech98 loans for 2 years with interest of 15,000%, and then repeatedly hooked up with so-called revolving, which eventually fell into the hands of executors.He was unable to repay either this or the fines associated with the default.
bankovky u kalkulačky
Most district courts, where the dispute first reached, ruled that execution must be stopped at the debtor\’s request. The loan agreement was invalid, he said, “because of obvious fraud.””It also said that the system of repeated provision of revolving credit facilities and contractual penalties is vulgar because interest rates were ten times higher than that of banking institutions
the District court subsequently invalidated this decision and refused to suspend enforcement, stating that the contract was clearly not contrary to good morality, nor that it Ming
and The Constitutional Court finally came to the conclusion that the debtor is in law. And that the execution of his property was illegal. Reason:
“The judiciary should lead lenders to look closely to see if future borrowers have obvious problems with repayment of the loan.”
karty v peněžence

In other words, according to the Constitutional Court, our courts pressure lenders to consistently expose people who may one day not be able to repay and if such creditors do not do this or can not detect such persons in time, they are out of luck.
According to the Constitutional Court, even a 98% interest rate was not unfair and the terms of the contract were accepted, but creditors should have foreseen something unpredictable. That the economic situation of the customer may deteriorate over time. And now he must take responsibility for this miscalculation. This is due to the following reasons:
“It is not only about debtors, it also affects society.”The Constitutional Judge found that the consequences of the inability to repay the loan affect not only the debtor itself, but also society as a whole.This is why lenders need to be cautious and thoroughly check their repayment capacity. This is assumed to be the most basic rule for loans; regardless of whether it is written in any law.
So in short, we may soon find ourselves in a situation where the execution of those who do not pay their debts will be banned. “Because lenders should have seen this coming.”Because if the executor touches the property of default, it will harm our entire company.”
I disagree with that. My parents long ago told me, “You have to pay for stupid things.””In our country, constitutional judges are paid for it.