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Who wouldn\’t want to own their own home? Stability in life, always having a roof over your head. And with security, there is safety.

Today\’s mortgages include good, solid insurance. Of course, this does not come cheap.
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It is important to notethat with this type of insurancethe money is not invested . There is no liquidation at the end of the policy term, and there are no tax benefits. While you certainly cannot save,you and your family get the assurance that nothing will put you at riskduring the entire term of the mortgage. This makes your mortgage risk-free.The monthly repayment for this risk-based life insurance is approximately SEK 200 to SEK 1,000 per month, depending on the loan amount.

When purchasing this special insurance , the best advice comes from a professional, i.e. a financial advisor, who should first of all check references. A financial advisordeals professionally (extensively) with several insurance companies and banks, so it could literally be a winfor you on this issue. Because it is possible to equip yourself with cheaper and higher quality insurance.

Those who want to take out a mortgage should also take into account the possibility of higher interest rates.

Additionally, it also happens that people who save in building societiesso there occasionally it may happen that interest rates for you – on deposits, may even decrease for some reason.

Another tip for purchasing life insurance on your mortgage:

Arrange for insurance benefits to be paid to surviving family members in the event of death.
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Approach any insurance policy very responsiblyby simply perusing it. If the bank has to justify the mortgage insurance policy (e.g., because of the death of the insured), any insurance proceeds will be used to pay the (reimbursement) full amount of the remaining mortgage so that the survivor will not have to pay anything back to the bank. insurance. In addition, any shortfall in the insurance proceeds would be a loss to the bank.