Whereabouts of Computing

The use of remote control of cars, using the driver\’s emotions to match their driving style, is not a new phenomenon. Italian automaker Ferrari was the first to make this discovery. In short, computers can now predict the behavior of the person behind the wheel and prevent imminent danger, especially in stressful situations such as traffic jams, sections with poor visibility, and intersections. Such machines are equipped with, among other things, peripheral cameras that detect faces and assess what is needed based on facial expressions.
žena a robot
The so-called NexIS system goes to other, seemingly extreme forms. This is a military security project that equips the military with special biometric sensors. These can easily monitor heartbeats, tremors, temperature fluctuations, cold sweats, etc.
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The NexIS system is a system that can be used to monitor the heartbeat, tremors, body temperature fluctuations, cold sweats, etc.

Scientists have demonstrated control over live animals

In 2005, a newspaper reported that several scientific teams were developing microchips that could control living organisms. Specifically, they trained rats with chips implanted under the skin to be “remote-controlled” based on the action of electromagnetic pulses on their nervous systems. They are a kind of trained robot that performs specific movements based on commands from the center. They had to go through a maze and at every intersection received an impulse to go straight or turn left or right.
At the time, this was only an early demonstration of technological sophistication, but it was also a cautionary monument to how far technology could go without consistent control. There is no doubt that the potential for misuse is very high, especially if such items are in contact with human skin. The remote manipulation of mankind, the control of our emotions, and the total surveillance of our activities is the sword of Damocles of warning that hangs over modern humanity, and it is up to us to decide how to deal with it morally, spiritually, and legislatively. High technology is already here and we must deal with it. And it may be the next step for so-called Big Brother.