4 tips for passing your GCSEs without harming your health

Whether you are studying hard for your GCSE or are just starting out, there will be different ways and tips to make studying easier. Some people don\’t realize until Holy Week that they started studying too late, despite all those techniques. What should we do when there really isn\’t much time left to study?
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1. Study, but study wisely!

A bit contradictory, but yes, don\’t try to absorb all the information. Don\’t overdo it!
The brain also needs to remember all information, and it can\’t do that without a break. A rested brain is found to work more efficiently.
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2. Elimination

It is hard to catch up with what you have not been able to catch up with in four years of study. Learn little by little from the material you have been cultivating. Set a topic to tackle completely each day and select only what you really need. Do not skip topics, but go through them in order. When you have covered everything, go back to each topic again and select only the difficult sections that may be on the final exam.

3. Facebook and Instagram are taboo!

During Holy Week,deactivate all social media notifications , turn off ringtones, set your phone to “airplane,” turn off vibration, and don\’t let anything distract you. You will have plenty of time to do this after graduation. Trust me, these little things will take your concentration away for a while and time is playing tricks on you. Isn\’t it pointless?

4. Motivation

Use the same techniques as athletes. Yes, motivate yourself! číst knihuWhy do you want to pass the final exam? If you pass, what will you do to reward yourself? It could be a trip to the Himalayas or visiting my grandmother in South Moravia. Find something positive and write it down!
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Any last tips? Do your best and you will graduate with flying colors.
Of course, different things apply to different people, but if you\’ve mastered the adult exam using other methods and techniques, you\’ve won!