Three Types of Relaxation

1) Bathing
We shower as part of our lives. It is a kind of ritual we mindlessly perform before going to bed or before breakfast in the morning. However, water has more beneficial effects than just purification.
Soak in a lukewarm bath and don\’t skimp on the bubbles. If you have a bath pillow, now is the time to use it! Darken the entire bathroom so the light doesn\’t tire you out or remind you of what you need to do before you go to bed tonight.
Take advantage of the pack of candles stashed on your bedside table and light them around the bath. You don\’t need too many, so one in each corner. Play your favorite music. Avoid the radio. The radio broadcasts news summaries and can bring you back to reality. Better to use your cell phone or YouTube. Then just take a bath and listen to your favorite music and get comfortable.
relax ve vaně

2) Walking in the countryside
Nothing good can come from a walk in the city. The sound of car engines roars and the voices of passersby are incessant. To relax, one must choose paths in flowery meadows and forests. What is important is peace and quiet.
There is no doubt that one feels better in the midst of green trees and babbling brooks than in the middle of endless rows of cars and buildings. It\’s up to you to take advantage of the power of modern technology, get your headphones ready and listen to your favorite artists.
čtení cestou
3) GYM
At first glance, working out may seem like a strain on the body or something that will not improve your everyday discomfort. But the opposite is true! Not only is exercise good for the body that needs it, but it also clears the mind.
The magic of working out is very simple. When you are working out, all you focus on is how you are doing it and if it is right. There is no room in your head for problems. If you want to switch off for sure, choose the third option.