A ski helmet is not just a shell made of plastic

An excellent material for making a safe ski helmet isPOC SPIN. The development of this material has been tested on slopes of varying difficulty by the most demanding skiers, and POC SPIN technology is protected by patents and is literally groundbreaking in its ability to keep skiers safe in extreme conditions. The helmet\’s liner is made of semi-fluid silicone. The property of this material is that upon impact, the inside of the helmet moves relative to the outer framework, radically changing the angle of impact. The undeniable advantage of the POC SPIN is the skier\’s own ample comfort.
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POC SPIN and VPD – cutting edge technology

Even on the Czech slopes many skiers know the term VPD. This is a proven material that has been used for many years by professional and amateur skiers; VPD has an excellent ability to absorb the impact of multiple impacts to the skier\’s head. By distributing the impact force over the entire surface of the helmet, VPD is unique in its ability to soften the impact at the point of impact. The material has also been tested over a long period of time and its durability has been proven in harsh terrain freeriding.
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Eye protection by Swedish developers

POC Clarity is a Swedish product focused on durable visor construction. If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your eyes on the slopes where you ski all day, POC Clarity will not disappoint. The manufacturer worked with top athletes and world-renowned optical manufacturer Carl Zeiss Jena of Germany to develop the product. The new lenses are made to absorb some wavelengths of the color spectrum and increase the transmittance of others. This leads to sharper vision and improved contrast under the special conditions of white snow slopes. It also makes it easier to distinguish small nuances on the slopes, such as moguls, bumps, ice fences, and obstacles. It is no coincidence that POC Clarity is a favorite of top racers.