Slovakia\’s neighbor recently elected a female president. Zuzana Csaptover became president. Despite the fact that today women are undoubtedly very emancipated and successful, their participation in high-level politics is not very common and has always been the subject of questioning. One of them is: what does it bring us?
žena v kanceláři
There is no doubt that Zuzana Chaputová had many opponents among conservative Catholics, in addition to many supporters. To them, this woman is the epitome of evil. Their behavior was very shabby and their attitude toward the Chaptover voters was very dark. This level is totally unacceptable. The entire rhetoric is unacceptable. The “prevent the spread of evil, don\’t vote for such a dark product” approach is utterly ridiculous. Pluralism in politics is important in a democratic society. Catholic conservatives must recognize that they must debate and cooperate with people of opposing views. This approach only closes people off. It is certainly true that the era of church domination has passed and it is not coming back. Nevertheless, within the framework of pluralism, the values espoused by the church must be protected. To act against this would be tantamount to a mistake against democracy. [The presence of women in high politics merely belongs to democracy. Let\’s rearrange which countries have women as presidents and prime ministers. [e.g., Estonia, Croatia, Malta, Ethiopia, Singapore, Georgia, Nepal, Romania, Iceland, Serbia, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Namibia, Bangladesh.
obchodní jednání
Of course, we must not forget the wives of the queen. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Queen Margaret II of Denmark currently reign in Europe. For example, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Empress Maria Theresa, and Catherine the Great. For prime ministers, it is impossible not to mention Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady.