Board games for more demanding players

Board games are great for the whole family or for playing with friends. There are many types of board games, including simple games like Don\’t Be Angry, team games like Party Alias, and more complex games like Dragon\’s Den. If you are one of those discerning board game enthusiasts, you definitely need to try one of these.

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Pendulum is an interesting and unique game that can be played by one to five players. Instead of rolling dice and moving pieces, the game is played with time and multiple pieces. Yes, in this game, each player initially has multiple pieces and places them on their respective squares to gain pieces, so to speak. If a piece is moving, it cannot be moved until the hourglass time runs out. There are several of these, depending on which difficulty level the player chooses. The higher the time difficulty, the better the earnings. Your job is to collect certain features and reach the highest level possible. There are many variables in the game, cards with benefits, and all that remains is how logically you can manage your time.

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This game is one of the most popular and entertaining logic card games, although even children can play. It is a game in which roles are shared in the form of one sheriff, a deputy sheriff, and several rebels. However, no one knows who is who, and the sheriff\’s job is to catch all the rebels. But the game is more complicated than it seems, and it takes a few rounds of playing to understand it first. After that, however, you won\’t want to stop.


Here you must play the hero. Are you brave? Can you make strategic plans and act according to the situation? In this game, you are in the underground castle of Karak. There are many terrifying monsters lurking there, plus a huge, evil dragon. You collect treasures on your way to slay the dragons, and the winner is the one who collects the most treasures, not the one who slays the dragon and finishes the whole game. This is a family game, but certainly not a dull pastime.