Cube games for hours of fun

Whether the weather outside is bad or good, players can always find time to check out their favorite virtual worlds. Some even spend more time in them than in the real world. Computer games with powerful stories draw us into the action and make us forget about the world around us. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities, computer games remain as popular as ever. But which games can we really play all day and not regret it?
vysoké budovy vytvořené z kostek, herní prostředí
One game title that is leading the way, especially among young gamers, is Mojang\’s Minecraft. Its popularity lies primarily in its simplicity. The game\’s entire world consists simply of an infinite number of blocks, or cubes, which the game\’s player can mine, cut out, forge, and rebuild into any shape from a first-person perspective. A good player can use the various blocks to create world-famous buildings and shapes.
This is a game with an infinite number of randomly generated worlds, and every time you decide to play from the beginning, a whole new and undiscovered environment awaits you. The idea of getting bored in Minecraft is really wrong, as the game is enriched with all kinds of gadgets that you can create from the dice you earn. However, to make sure that building doesn\’t become monotonous, movement within the world is enriched with enemy monsters that only appear after sunset. So if you don\’t want to fight hordes of skeletons and zombies from night to morning, you have to spend the night building impregnable hideouts.
blok hlíny ze hry Minecraft
This whole cube-shaped parade is enriched by the multiplayer possibilities, where you can compete with friends, destroy other people\’s buildings, in short, do whatever you want. But the game is not only about building, it is also about a simple story: conquering a fearsome dragon. With a world full of enemies, diverse environments, and building options, it is no wonder that this game has countless enthusiastic fans around the world. Due to its simple, nostalgic graphics, older players may also enjoy the popularity of this game title.