Cellulite, how to fight it off?

From the beginning, it should be emphasized that it is a subcutaneous fat structure. While it is primarily women who suffer from this problem, men can also have cellulite. Cellulite is visible in the form of bumpy skin – dimples – and is sometimes a more or less aesthetic phenomenon. It is also called “orange skin”. The most problematic areas are the thighs, buttocks, waist, and arms.
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Causes of “orange skin”

There may be a genetic predisposition, but the condition can be eliminated, as discussed below. In addition, sedentary work, lack of exercise, hormonal changes, disordered and unhealthy lifestyle habits – excessive drinking, smoking, lack of sleep, insufficient alcohol consumption, irregular lifestyle, etc.
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How can we fight successfully?

  1. Exercise, moving, walking – any physical activity, any kind of exercise, is an effective way, as fat is burned and reduces fat cells in the human body, eliminating the appearance and intensity of cellulite, is well known and effective in fighting cellulite Running does not have to be the only, or aerobic exercise, believe that cycling or fast walking is very effective in eliminating unsightly orange skin, remember that it simply requires a lot of patience, strong will and regularity! You cannot expect miracles on the spot.

  1. Drinking Method – Here, in addition to following a regular lifestyle, it is appropriate to prefer drinking fresh water if you expect a higher effect, which of course means drinking sugar-free beverages.

  1. Healthy and balanced diet – Only a healthy diet can lead to better fat burning leading to successful reduction of cellulite, and it is recommended to include in the diet proteins, fatty unsaturated acids, namely seafood, healthy seeds as well as eggs, nuts, fresh vegetables, etc. should be included. Eat regularly. Drink water with lemon instead of coffee.

  1. Supporting cosmetics – It should be emphasized here that there is no cream that effectively rid the body of cellulite, it is only part of the prevention or removal of cellulite, especially in the evening, use body lotions and rub the skin in circular motions Rubbing is recommended, this circulates the blood properly and has effective support, it is also advisable to indulge in body scrubs etc. Do not rely on the unrealistic allure of cosmetics