Women’s problems that men cannot Understand

We may all be equal, but we are still very different. These differences are not always harmful, and some are simply necessary. But there are still problems that only women have to solve, and men do not understand them. What are they like?


Equal rights and obligations, but different expectations. Men only need experience, education and sometimes charisma when recruiting for a new job, while women receive a slightly different rating. In young women, employers are often afraid to go on maternity leave immediately, thereby difficulties in the form of holding a place that needs to be occupied immediately, they may not ask if they will get pregnant, but because somehow they rely on it, men who simply can not get pregnant are more favorable for them to seek employment after parental leave. Women are even worse. Employers are afraid that they will become pregnant again, as well as seeing the burden in the form of children who are sick and need the care of their mother, the mother then has to go to OĞR But it is often not just that the woman is a potential or ready-made mother. In fact, women are less resilient mentally and physically, so men are preferred over better positions, but women\’s outcomes and education in certain cases are needed at a higher level.

smutná žena

Physical problems

Yes, we are talking about a rather pleasant topic of menstruation. This does not happen to most women. Some experience it easily and don\’t even know about it, while others suffer from headaches, hot flashes, bowel problems, and many other difficulties. This is actually a gift thanks to the birth of a new person or a new person, but many men do not understand this and often even make inappropriate remarks. Even some more primitive individuals believe that every time a woman is in a bad mood, she is in her cycle, rather than admitting that she upset her.

sedící žena

Status in society

In addition to the difference between work and the body, women often pay for their status in society. Again, we mention equality, but it only works to some extent. Women are still expected to marry, have children and take care of the family. Those who have come up with another plan for their lives often encounter misunderstandings. What is life without children? It should be noted that a man who voluntarily decides to stay on maternity leave while the work of a woman is not understood is considered soft and lazy, but such a man deserves praise, especially if he is able to perform the functions of a family father alone.