Comedies You Should Definitely Watch

It doesn\’t matter if the kids are naughty, our boss is always complaining about our jobs, or our husbands forget to come home from the pub for dinner. Life is not a feather in our cap, and sometimes it comes with blow after blow after blow. Even when we\’re not in the mood to laugh – and that happens many times in life – laughter is the best cure for all ills. Laugh. If you don\’t feel like laughing, watch a movie. Watch a comedy that will make you laugh from the very beginning. Life will seem a little brighter. Comedy may be at its best, but there is no such thing as comedy. Exercise your diaphragm, and listen to the best comedy whenever you\’re not in the mood. And don\’t forget that laughter brings people together, so there\’s no harm in seeing it with a nice, close friend. What are some must-see comedies that you should never miss?
veselá afričanka
– “Party in Vegas” (2009) – No one wants to be hungover. There are two more sequels to this film, and while the first one is enjoyable, it is simply the best. It\’s also because you kind of know what to expect in the other film. After a bachelor party, you wake up in a completely deserted hotel room with a tiger in the bathroom, no groom, and no windows. How am I supposed to find the groom? How do you remember what you did last night? One catchphrase after another and a handful of developments. It\’s funny no matter how many times you watch it.

“Mirrors: The Journey” (2013) – I\’ve never seen a family like this. But to get drugs across the border, they have to know how to experiment. You\’ll know what pearls are when you see this film first.

“Boss to Kill” (2011) – Bosses are a nuisance to everyone, but few people want to kill them and few actually try. Perhaps this is because we have not had the same experience as the three central characters in this film. When you get home from work and feel angry and white-knuckled, have a glass of wine and watch this film.
vzteklý šéf
– [24] The Sanhey Trilogy – Do you like Czech films? There are some funny and quality comedies in the Czech pond. But I\’m sure you\’ll find the lines from this unforgettable trilogy often. Yes, Helena Růžičková has done it, and I can\’t leave “Sunshine” off this list.