Cleopatra – The Unforgettable Musical About the Ruler of Egypt

The musical premiered at the Broadway Theatre in 202 and is still being performed today. A limited number of tickets are still available for a limited number of performances.

The music for the musical was composed by Michal David and directed by Philip Wrench. Michal David has written many musicals in our country, not only “Cleopatra”. His musicals include “Angelica,” “Mata Hari,” “The Three Musketeers,” and “The Soapmaker.”


In the original version of the musical, we could see a particularly splendid cast as Cleopatra, alternating between Barra Bashková, Monika Absolnová and Ilona Chaková. Czech and Slovak Superstar finalist Gabriela Gunciková was one of them. Kamila Nývltová and Alžběta Bartošová are currently playing Cleopatra.

Martin Posta, who also appears in the DVD version, is the most popular actor as Cleopatra\’s ill-fated love interest Caesar. Others who can still be seen in the role include Daniel Fulka and Marian Vojtko. Marian Vojtko alternates between playing Caesar and Marcus Antonius, Cleopatra\’s second lover, and previously could be seen Joseph Vojtko and Zbynek Flick.


The musical plot is about Cleopatra\’s life, her fortunes, love and loss. In particular, it focuses on her relationship with two Romans, Caesar and his friend Marcus Antonius. The entire musical celebrates the strength of women, even in a history where women have never had it easy; songs such as Now I am Queen, Last Song of the Nile, and When the Delta Dawns are familiar even if you have never seen a musical.If you are interested in the story of Cleopatra and love the music of Michal David, do not hesitate to visit the Broadway Theater in Prague. You will be treated to an unforgettable spectacle of love, female strength, courage and inspiration.