Corporate Opportunities in a Pandemic

The madness unleashed by the new influenza, the coronavirus, is completely unique compared to previous types of viruses that humanity was not initially equipped for. What the coronavirus has already taken from us will not be discussed in detail here. However, I will focus on its positive aspects and its impact on the economy of businesses in China and abroad.pandemie
The stability of the Chinese economy has been severely shaken, showing that nothing can be counted on. This situation reveals the fragility of several companies. The fact that the rest of the world\’s continents are directly or indirectly connected to the economies of Chinese companies is now clearly evident. We must build on what we have learned from this situation and reassess our dependence on Chinese companies. While it is unlikely that companies will move away from China, as far as supplier diversity is concerned, it is now a very important issue, and it is up to companies to decide whether they should rely on it.
The Chinese healthcare industry has been in isolation and Western companies have not had much opportunity to assert themselves in the past. The situation is now changing, and the market could be opened up further. Thus, Western companies will soon be able to profit.
Another factor that has turned this difficult situation around is the shift online that has taken place in companies. Online education is also taking place in schools. This situation has already had a significant impact on the environment. Climate change in China is progressing rapidly, and emissions have dropped to their lowest level in the last 50 years (in the context of economic development)homeoffice
. This situation is also helping to build artificial intelligence virally in two important areas. China has decided to introduce a digital social credit allocation system and also plans to launch its own digital currency within a few months.