Do you have a cat at home?


Do you have a cat or kitten? Did you receive a meowing gift for a holiday, birthday, or Christmas? Either way, you have a furry creature in your home, and you need to arrange for them to get along as well as possible. If you live in a single-family home with a garden in the country, there is nothing wrong with going outside and letting them expend their energy. But if you live in an apartment with no yard or nature, you have to think more about how to entertain your four-legged pet. Most days they sleep like babies, but as they get older, they quickly get your attention. Feline predators are especially active at night. But you have something else on your mind: you want to finally lie down and sleep after a long day. So what should you do?


If you give your pet at least a little attention during the day–even just a little in the afternoon and evening–he will be glad you are paying attention to him, and he will surely give you comfort at night. He will not wake you from sleep. On the contrary, he\’ll fall blissfully asleep next to you, lulling you to sleep with his quiet, contented turns. And that\’s not all. Cats are also known to transmit healing and comforting energy to us. 15] You must have heard of felinotherapy

(treatment through contact with a cat). This is similar to the better known

canister therapy spici_kocka(using dogs for therapy).


And there are tips for entertaining your cat. You can buy manyfunny toysat pet stores, which you can throw for your cat to happily chase like a mouse in nature. There are balls, rubber bands, stuffed animals, mice, and many other things. But you can also just crumple up a piece of paper. If you do so, strangely enough, the cat will come right up to you. Just like when you open a can or a pocket full of treats. Even if they are in a deep sleep, they know the sound and won\’t bark for a second when they are with you. The important thing is that you enjoy the game too. When a cat senses that you are mentally somewhere else, it usually loses energy and interest, just like you.