Gaming and Addiction

When such addiction actually occurs is a matter of speculation. Scientists and doctors are at odds, and research on this issue has swallowed up a considerable amount of taxpayer money.

If you think you should know this for yourself, you are dead wrong. Even if he or she recognizes and admits this, he or she will not and cannot stop. He still wants to go to the slot machines and the gamblers and win. He does not care because he will win again anyway. He doesn\’t care.

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Fortunately, such a disease can be cured. Yes, addiction is a disease and even has a diagnosis number. However, treatment takes time and requires the full cooperation of the addict. Without it, it is meaningless. And more than cooperation, tremendous willpower is required.

The doctor adds to this. Such a person should have support and should not associate with old friends who are addicted to gambling. Every step is in the direction of getting the addict to stop putting money where there is little return.

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Indeed, various steps are being taken to once again strictly ban or at least regulate gambling. Thus, slot machines are slowly disappearing, and although we do not know how the law came to be that only those who present identification can play,slot machine ownersor their employees can find out if the person in question is receiving social benefits. If so, the slot machine owner should not allow such a person to play and should politely ask him or her to leave.

Thus, once again, humanity has taken a step backward because of individuals whose intelligence is beyond reach. The point is that play should be possible, but there are limits. Of course, it would be impossible to specify where the limits are and where they are not. It might be the number of games, it might be the amount of money lost. It is impossible to say. And, of course, it is very difficult to determine such things. Since it is probably impossible to completely eradicate gambling addiction, one can only hope that the interim measures will reduce gambling addiction.