Guiding Children to a Better Future

financial literacy
Although most Czech citizens are not illiterate in the full sense of the word, the combination of the words financial literacy (and by extension illiteracy) is currently a rather hot topic in our country. It is often mentioned in connection with the repayment of loans and debts that grown adults have taken on for no good reason, or in relation to household finances, which are often spent on unnecessary consumer goods that are purchased for little or no price reduction
siluety dětí
siluety dětí
Thus, financial literacy today can be understood not only as an educational subject that students are exposed to in elementary school, but also as one of the components of general knowledge necessary for a happy life. Everyone interested in adapting to the conditions of modern society needs to be financially literate.
rozcuchané děti
Savings as a basis for security!
One cannot simply say that if one saves faithfully throughout one\’s life, one will be completely happy
and content. However, without savings, it is very unlikely that you will live a happy life. You never know what might happen, and you never know what unpleasant situations your savings might save you from.
Families with young children (or those about to be born) should teach their children from the start to “set aside” a portion of their available money. Not only will the children learn that they don\’t have to provide everything right away, but if they set aside even a small amount, such as 20% of their allowance, they may have tens of thousands of crowns in their account before they start their first job.
prasátko na mince
A similar living foundation (along with other savings products that you as a parent will fund for them, and of course, earnings from subsequent work activities) is a much more positive prospect than worrying about funds available for college or home needs.