How should one deal with the fact that one’s partner is having an affair? And does infidelity always mean a breakup?

Betrayal from a close person always hurts and often in couples there is infidelity and not only does it mean the end of a relationship but it can also mean its restart. How do you deal with infidelity?

How do you deal with the fact that your partner is having an affair? And does infidelity always mean a breakup?

Infidelity never brings good things to a relationship. At least when a partner\’s infidelity is exposed, there is grief, regret, and heartache. Ultimately, however, it does not necessarily mean the end of the relationship; sometimes it helps to resolve old wrongs and issues between the partners, and the relationship can move forward again in a clean slate. But how do we deal with such a major blow? What do we do when we find out that our partner is cheating on us?

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What next?

The first step is to get angry, cry, and have some time to yourself. Never make hasty decisions or conclusions, you may regret it later. Infidelity is hard to accept, and you can never just wave your hand and pass it off, but you need to give it time. But, of course, every situation is different, and if after a while you realize you can\’t handle it, there is no point in continuing the relationship for another day.

Anyway, it is normal for the initial reaction to be crying and of course anger. That\’s not a bad thing, and you should give these emotions a chance. But really, never ask your partner for details, how long it took, what it was like, etc. I would rather not know anything, it will only make things worse.

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Infidelity as a new beginning

Often infidelity happens because one partner is unhappy, perhaps both are unhappy, but it is suffocating. Infidelity can be a kind of unpleasant draft, but it starts the relationship up again. When you are ready, discuss, go to couples therapy, and talk about what caused the affair to happen. Because that painful miscalculation may ultimately make your relationship stronger. Think of it as an ordeal.

And a word of advice to women who have been cheated on. Don\’t get too hysterical, it will drive men away. Dress nice and take care of yourself. It\’s for your own good.