How to Really Learn a Foreign Language

Some people encounter a foreign language once in their lifetime, on vacation, while others speak it several times a day. Of course, there are great differences in level, and not everyone is equally gifted in a language. However, the basics of a foreign language can be learned by anyone.

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1. Motivation


Motivation, or the reason for wanting to learn a language in the first place, is fundamental to foreign language learning. Whether it has to do with work or vacation, personal growth, or to supplement one\’s education is not important. What is important is how you view motivation and whether the motivating factor is truly important to you.

2. Doing good

It is not necessary to absorb language from books. It is very important to listen to the language itself. Watch your favorite movies in English and try to pick up as many favorite phrases as possible. It is important that we come to think of foreign languages as something that can benefit us, not as an evil that must be learned.

3. Alone and with a teacher

The best way to learn a foreign language as an adult is to get a good tutor and do the rest of the catching up yourself at home. For example, if you have the opportunity to attend classes at a language school, do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity. In many cases, foreign language courses are also offered at the workplace and paid for by employers who are keen to develop their employees\’ skills.
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4. Applied


There are a variety of smartphone and tablet apps that can help you hone your foreign language skills so that you are not embarrassed to open your mouth in a foreign country. These apps have the advantage that they can be used on the bus on the way to work or in bed at night. Often, all you really need is a little time each day. Rather, these methods are designed to deepen your knowledge, expand your vocabulary, and refresh your memory.

5. Speak


Alone at home when no one is listening. Repeat show phrases, talk to yourself or your pets… Don\’t be afraid to use words.