Late Motherhood

The current trend is to have children after the age of 30.Women are not rushing. Today\’s demands for education are high, and even where a high school diploma was sufficient before, college is now required. Therefore, everything is changing. It used to be normal to start working at the age of 18, but now it is not unusual to start working at the age of 25. Of course, since I have studied so much, I want to apply it to my professional life. Ambition is very natural. Of course, everyone wants to secure some social security and enjoy life. Most women see no need to rush; 30 is a perfectly normal age today for a first child, and often an only child.
dětský kočárek

However, a mother in her thirties is already an older mother from a biological point of view , and it is not uncommon for a woman who decides to start a family with her partner after the age of 30 to suddenly find that it does not work out. one year goes by, two years go by, and it still does not work out. It doesn\’t work out, the woman begins receiving treatment, and suddenly she is at an age where it is no longer medically appropriate for her to become a mother.


We live in an age
that places too much emphasis on human individuality and people are increasingly thinking more about their own self-sufficiencythan about others. It is curious that in times much more difficult than ours, people were able to show much more solidarity than they do now. Indeed, they were able to show more indignation than they do today. The present age is simply inhuman.
When women and their partners have children, instead of nurturing , selfishness often lingers

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In other words, instead of being raised to live independently, the child is spoiled, has no boundaries set, and grows up to be just an insufferable selfish person.
This trend is evident in the United States and many European countries and is becoming increasingly prevalent in our country as well. How do we deal with this situation? Will education in schools help? It is contradictory that we need to be prepared for everything, but no one tells us how to educate our children. In addition to sex education, shouldn\’t schools also provide parenting education so that young women realize certain things early on?