Must I abstain from alcohol on holidays?

It is no secret that Czechs are a nation of drinkers. They are at the top of the list in terms of liters of alcohol per capita. If they are going abroad, they might take with them canned beer, which is not banned in EU countries. But you might want to get a taste of how the production of this Czech liquid is managed abroad. In that case, be prepared to pay up to ten times the price, except in some Eastern European countries where the price is only a few dozen Czech crowns.
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In some countries, in addition to the much higher tourist prices for consuming alcohol, young people should also be aware of age restrictions on alcohol sales and drinking.
Some countries, often in Europe, have the same age limit of 18 for drinking and alcohol sales. In some countries, such as Sweden and some Latin American countries, drinking is not regulated, while in others it is only restricted. In the United States, the rules are stricter and drinking is only allowed at age 21.
If you decide to visit an African or Middle Eastern country, find out early on what the rules are for selling alcohol to tourists. This is because these countries are very often Muslim-dominated, and Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol outright, so you must not provoke or offend them by your behavior as a tourist. If you are visiting these countries during Ramadan (the fasting period), rest assured that alcohol will not be sold, even in hotel complexes, except to children and nursing women.
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Dubai is an increasingly popular tourist destination. As for alcohol, there is a price difference of several hundred kronor with the Czech Republic.
Incidentally, there are certain regulations in European countries regarding drinking in public places, so you need to carefully research which country you are actually going to before you travel to avoid getting into trouble for seemingly small things.