Be prepared to defend your territory

Don\’t be afraid! Don\’t panic. Don\’t turn away from a sport that can protect your property, your health, and your life. Martial arts may be for fighting, but they are definitely for defense. Fair enough. Would you be satisfied with the term self-defense
žluté značky.jpg? It doesn\’t matter what you call it. What is important is one thing! It is to avoid being physically attacked at all costs by an attacker who tries to take your money. Or threaten you on your property or in your apartment. And you must be prepared!
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Of course, a stun gun can buy you time to escape or call for help. However, if you handle it correctly and well, you can certainly escape from their clutches. Only then can you stun them with a stun gun.
So which martial art to choose? 19]
Keep in mind that the assailant is not fighting according to the rules he follows, for example in karate or Thai boxing. He fights without following them. Therefore, Krav Maga or Kalais a very effective defense against street fighting. In krav maga, the fighter takes into account the height difference (he is shorter than his attacker), the attacker\’s mental state (whether he is under the influence of drugs), and the element of surprise. No matter how crazy it may seem, you never know when knowing that move may come in handy and save not only you, but possibly your family as well. Don\’t shy away from considering self-defense techniques.
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Involve your family.
Self-defense courses are for everyone. This means thateven women and children need to be able to deal withfear in the moment of a potential attack. Fear binds, kneecaps, and controls the human mind. That is why it is necessary to have a healthy confidence, a conviction that “I can do it”. This is the challenge of Krav Maga. To be prepared for the unexpected. But it is not that simple. If you have never faced pressure from an attacker, you will never know how you will react. Still, you can simulate some situations and feel confident. But it is up to the coach who takes you on.