Outside my house

If you live in a family home in the country or outside the city center, the chances of spiders in your home are even greater. How can I explain to these undesirable 8-legged tenants that the maximum eye for tolerating an animal as a pet is 2? Let\’s look at some eco-friendly and inexpensive solutions.
zebra spider
1.       There is no vegetation near the house
Spiders are attracted to places where they weave, hide and crawl cobwebs, so it is recommended to remove plants that touch the plaster of the house. A house overgrown with lianas looks beautiful, but an apartment full of unwanted pests, including 8-legged predators, who try to catch these pests by nets.Therefore, it is not recommended to put decorative flower beds at the entrance to the house, which is usually open.
2.       Lighting
Remember that artificial light attracts even insects, especially in summer, if you have your garden lights all night. And, as already mentioned above, where there is prey, there are also predators. Try to find another way of lighting, for example, a motion sensor or mechanical light.
3.       Dark Horns
Spiders enjoy dark horns and shadows that are difficult to see, so they are well protected not only from the eyes of potential prey, but also from your eyes. If you clean it often enough, pay attention to these places and immediately dispose of intruders. You do not want a pregnant woman in your home. Do not forget to often lux and clean the places of direct seduction, as if something is hiding in them.
dům jako hrad
4.       Good sealing
Even following the advice above, if you feel that too many spiders are moving into your home, it could be near doors and windows, more precisely those sealing.It is responsible. If you do not have a new plastic window, check if some places are not inflated or if the gaskets are old and worn out. If a hole is found, do not hesitate to replace the gasket. You will find that this will help even with the heating of the room during the winter.