Prima travel

Many people really like to travel, but unfortunately there are places where people apparently do not have the financial means to travel. So I thought it would be best if I could first realize where I wanted to try and then also save up the money to actually travel to the places I wanted to travel to. I think that I would certainly know how much money I would need for this or that trip. Believe me, I\’d love to. There are so many options on where and how to travel. How about hitchhiking? But my friend says it\’s pretty dangerous these days.

Můj sen jsou vodopády.

I\’ve been to places I wanted to go. He said he was taken to a place that was completely different from where he wanted to go. So my friend was really scared and unhappy about that. She said she had never hitchhiked since then. I don\’t blame her. But she said that in the past, when my mother was younger, for example, she used to hitchhike, which was normal for her. She said it was totally normal and no one ever got kidnapped. Of course, some of those exceptions were interesting and dangerous anyway. It is clear that exceptions prove the principle everywhere, but I told myself that if I were to hitchhike and make such a trip these days, I would never go.

Mám ráda zajímavá místa.

Favorite means of transportation By car, train, or bus. Train is the most convenient, because there are people who offer drinks and snacks. I have a friend in Slovakia who was in my high school class. It\’s been many years, but we haven\’t forgotten each other and often communicate online. This is because traveling is about relaxation.