Put yourself in the shoes of the character you are playing!

Computer games keep evolving and becoming more and more amazing effects, but the story lines are not necessarily better than older games. It is very unfortunate that older games are not often remade with cleaner designs, i.e., better graphics, than they have now. The “Tomb Raider” series is a classic. The new games in that saga are very well done, both on consoles and on PC. The story line in this first installment is interesting and as suspenseful as the others. Unfortunately, we haven\’t had a chance to play it with better graphics yet, and some of the newer computers can\’t run these older games at all. But this is not the only problem with this story line. Many games deserve to be dusted off their coats and have their storylines breathed into a new light again, so that the younger generation can enjoy Lara\’s story from the beginning, for example.

Story lines in various action, adventure and strategy games are great. What are your favorite older games?

Lara Croft

Modern games are increasingly demanding of the “guts” of the computer in the box. Given the era in which everything is becoming more expensive, it can be difficult to keep up. However, there is still the advantage of being able to adjust each game to the lowest or highest graphics display, and sometimes each game automatically adjusts to a smoother style of play.

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Everyone has their own genre of preference. Some people love games with a story, and if they can enjoy the story with every fiber of their being, make their own decisions in the game, and thus change the events of the times to come, they are more than willing to play – like “Skyrim” for example. Some people intentionally skip the story and try to finish the game as quickly as possible. In any case, everyone has his or her own way of enjoying a game, and the most important thing is to play the game according to one\’s own preferences.