Second language Changes Personality

At the beginning of the 21st century. A century ago, it turned out that about 61 percent of people feel different when they speak a different language. In Spain, it was found that when participants took the test in English, they scored higher in friendliness and honesty than when they took the test in Spanish.
These characteristics have also been shown in previous tests in the United States and Mexico, and we found that learning a foreign language can bring about change. Researchers believe that this is because all countries that speak different languages have different cultures.
porada kolegů
English-speaking countries are more individualistic and therefore tend to “self–improve” as researchers say – a preference for friendliness and society, that is, in countries that see a person as a part of the whole, like extroverted Mexico, they focus more on community interests than their own admiration.
In 1964, Susan Ersin tried to do a slightly different study. She showed the French some pictures and asked them to make a 3-minute story, so the story described each picture. In one test, the story was written in English, and in the other – in French.
When she compared 2 tests, she found some differences. The English story pointed to the success of women, aggression towards their parents and attempts to escape some accusations, while the French story pointed to the dominance of elders, guilt and aggression towards peers. This leads to the question of which character is right. If I was born in another country, another culture, I would have a different personality. One thing for sure is that you cannot underestimate the impact of the language you speak, and another language will change the way you think.
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Imagine the way you communicate with your best friend and the actions we are willing to adopt. Think about how we change when talking to your boss. Otherwise, it. And we speak the same language. Even if the language is the same, we behave differently, sometimes changing attitudes and emotions. The same can be said when we are bilingual. It is through the environment, people and culture that along with the language, we also change attitudes, behaviors and feelings. Basically, there seems to be no direct relationship between our language and personality.