Sir Joseph, or a brand backed by experience in the mountains

Josef Rakoncaj was born on April 6, 1951, in Dvur Kralove. He has enjoyed mountaineering since his youth and has achieved many successes, including becoming world champion in the double ascent of K2 (1983, 1986), the second highest peak in the world. His other 8,000 ascents include Broad Peak (1986), Annapurna (1988), Manaslu (1989), Cho Oyu (1990), Shisha Pangum (1990), and Nanga Parbat (1992).
lyžař - horolezec
At the time of his greatest sporting activity, as now, mountaineers needed quality clothing and equipment to overcome the harsh natural conditions. However, domestic supplies at the time were rather limited and it was very difficult to obtain foreign ones, so Josef Rakoncaj (also known as Lak or Rakoska) began to make his own clothing with the necessary quality and functionality. From his own experience, he knew that cutting, adjusting the details of the garments, or new materials could improve the conditions for easier and safer travel in difficult mountainous terrain. Eventually it became apparent that his colleagues were also interested in his products, and in 1974 the small company Rakoncaj was born. Due to the political situation, it had to wait until 1990to become an official brand name, but it was named Sir Josephand registered as SIR JOSEPH s.r.o., based in Turnov. The company\’s main goal is to produce high-quality, functional clothing and equipment, not only for mountaineers, but also for hikers and trekkers, for example. Among the company\’s most popular products are sleeping bags and clothingmade of goose down, especially pants, vests, and jackets. Carefully selected down continues to be a hallmark of top-quality outdoor gear, as it has become clear that the properties of natural down cannot be completely replaced by man-made materials. The commitment to natural materials is also reflected in the latest collections, with the Tyrol Wool series using sheep\’s wool,
stany na horské louce
an ideal insulating material.
stany na horské louce
The brand has been successful not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad in Norway, France, Austria, Germany, as well as Russia and Greenland.
The founder is still involved in the management of the company,
focusing mainly on the development of new construction methods and the use of other materials.