Using Sound to Promote a Company’s Sales

Yes, companies invest a lot of money to research which sounds are best suited for certain products and will motivate us to buy them. And believe me, we are not alone. Because we are subconsciously informed and unknowingly motivated to take certain actions. Let\’s look at some classic examples

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One of the most classic is the vacuum cleaner. How can the sound of a vacuum cleaner be the result of a study, you ask? It\’s simple. Why is a vacuum cleaner so loud? After all, these days it shouldn\’t be a problem to make a quiet motor. And it can be done. But manufacturers are finding that quieter vacuum cleaners don\’t sell as well. The reason is that we subconsciously have a stereotype that the louder the motor, the louder it is. In addition, the sound of dust and other debris hitting the hose walls is also amplified. These give us the feeling that we are holding a really powerful machine in our hands, which may not be entirely true. A silent machine might be able to achieve the same performance.

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A car engine works on a similar principle. Everyone knows that the faster you go, the louder the engine will be. But you know that it doesn\’t have to be. Even this sound is artificially generated to give the driver the feeling that he is driving a really powerful car. For the same reason, the sound of the wind against the windshield is also amplified. This also gives the driver a sense of speed and power.

Of course, cars are also about safety. Pedestrians crossing the street are unlikely to notice a quiet car, whereas a loud car can be heard from a distance and can react immediately. Thus, completely silent cars are not very suitable. Nevertheless, it is clear that companies are more concerned with selling cars than with pedestrian safety. The latter is only a welcome added benefit.

However, not all carefully modeled sounds need to be part of the engine or electronics. You know that crunching sound you hear when you bite into a potato chip. Even that sound is carefully modulated to create a kind of addiction and desire to eat more. Combined with the salty taste of the potato chips, it makes you want to eat more. This is no coincidence.

Of course, there are many more carefully selected sounds, from the whooshing sound of a Coke bottle opening to the popping of popcorn. All have been carefully measured and calculated to achieve the best possible effect. So we need to keep this in mind at all times and try not to get drunk on rolls. Instead, think of it this way. Why does the product sound the way it does? That is the only way to avoid being manipulated by a salesman.