Smell the peony

Peonies grow as herbs and shrubs. Its unique beauty and decorative qualities make it a spectacular addition to any garden. In addition to the Northern Hemisphere, they are also found in the Mediterranean. Peonies also flower in the Caucasus and China. Two species of peonies are also native to North America.
pivoňky ve váze

Peonies in Greece and China

but peonies are also known for theirmedicinalproperties. They were already used in ancient Greece, but also in ancient China, where Chinese scholars wrote about peonies and their medicinal properties as early as 200 BC. Peony flowers are still used in medicine and pharmacy today.
It is used in the manufacture of perfume.
The red flowers of the peony were used to color syrup. In medieval England, peony seeds were used as a meat seasoning.
In times of famine, some peoples made porridge from peony roots.
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Peonies in gardens today

Today, three types of peonies are cultivated:
Herbaceous peonies
Wood peonies
Shrub peonies
Herbaceous peonies are popular plants for their timeless beauty and are a popular plant for their everlasting beauty. Many consider them the most beautiful perennials. Among them is the medicinal peony.

White-flowered peony

In the late 18th century, the Chinese peony, orwhite-flowered peony,was brought to Europe from China. This peony soon became very popular because it offered various shades of pink and was much larger than the original medicinal peony.
Other peony species include the common peony,native to the Balkans, and the light-leaved peony.
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Peony cultivation

These beautiful plants should be grownin the same locationwith full sun andgood, nutrient-rich garden soil. Peonies need adequate watering, but overwatering is also not a good idea. If planted in the right spot, peonies will remain there for 10 to 15 years.