Some tips on how to deal with parting

If your partner tells you that you don\’t want to maintain a relationship with you, it\’s very likely that you\’re mentally devastated, don\’t know what to do, and feel like your life has lost its meaning. But this is completely normal, and such feelings will probably have everyone after the breakup, unless he is a sociopath. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to cope with the breakup and how to integrate this experience into yourself so that you do not harm, but, on the contrary, we advise you to promote the development of a healthy life.
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Cut off contact.
If someone is parting with you, and you still love them and want to contact them as much as possible in the near future, then this is definitely a good idea and it is desirable to cut off contact with them – if you do not agree to remain friends, cut off contact completely, but at least remain friends. If you agree to be with him, try not to contact your former partner for at least 1 month or unless you feel that you are out of a relationship with him/her. It wouldn\’t be good for you or your ex–partner – you could be pushy and they could feel oppressed and pushed somewhere they didn\’t want to be pushed. Give yourself enough time to heal your wounds.
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Since you are already single at the moment, you can invest the time you used to devote to your partner for your benefit. If you do not have, try to find them. Think about what you really want to do, what you enjoy, what makes you feel in the “flow”, what makes you feel in the center of yourself, for example, you can watch a movie that your partner hates, or pursue interests that have bored your partner.
Be clear about your value
Breaking up with someone is not the end of the world. There was no mistake in that person or in you – you just did not fit together. The fact that you did something not so, that you definitely ruined this and that, and because of this your relationship is definitely for the right person, everything you do will be right.
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While your recovery from a breakup can be protracted and uncomfortable, know that most people have experienced and experienced this. You are not alone and will soon be in good spirits again.