The world seen from above

We will never deal with poetry, we will look at the observatory, which is something special. The first of the Homore hills is certainly unique, at least in the world, if not in Europe. It has a spiral shape and can be reached by bicycleor wheelchair. Yes, you read well. The height of the observation deck itself is about 7 meters, but the view from it is guaranteed, since it is located on a hill 334 meters above sea level.  

výhled do okolí

It\’s actually even smaller, so by height itself, it\’s probably the 2nd lowest. Its height can not even give, that is, strictly speaking, it is given as negative, that is, zero 15 centimeters. It is located near the village of Nouzov, and the view from it is still quite magical.  

An interesting observation tower will certainly be the highest in our country, but unfortunately you usually do not get there. First you need to book a tour. So somewhere not listed, and instead of it the first position is occupied by the TV transmitter in Prague. But on this observation deck. Its height is given by 144 meters, but this is quite admirable. First, climb the 28th floor by elevator, thenless than 50 steps. Then you will see some of the most beautiful things in our homeland, for example, the lowest points or the most windy mountains. But again, warning, you need to make a reservation in advance. You get a short training, and then only with a guide you can go up. And less than ten people.  

dřevěná rozhledna

There are many watchtowers that are interesting in terms of architecture. The most beautiful is the one proposed by Mr. Yurkovich, which is located near the town of Rozhnov pod Radhoshchem.  

In a very strange form, the most visited is undoubtedly the Zlín, especially the Bohuslavice form. You can dispute the name of the watchtower because it is listed only as a watchtower somewhere. Well, while we are in this area,the Salaš Watchtower of Uherskéhradištěwill certainly be worth mentioning because of its special form. And also for visiting. Please note, the pictures here are only illustrative.