There are some things we can’t say publicly about our relationships with our partners

People often confide things that are too intimate or too frequent. or that no one else needs to know.
Moreover, partners who talk too often and too openly about their relationship often seem to pay the price
. Some information should only be shared with close friends or people you really trust. It should never be avoided in public.


Don\’t share every word with your friends
Most partners work out their disagreements gradually. They may happen to argue over something silly, or they may both just be too stubborn. Or they may get into a big argument that causes the partner to fall asleep on the couch. The topic of the argument is not something that can be resolved by the group as a whole. For one thing, it hurts your partner, and for another, …… gossip is something that should not happen. You will not feel very good about yourself.

You should not talk about your partner\’s health in public
If your partner has an illness that is ticklish or too intimate, it is probably not a good idea to talk about it in front of a large group. Especially if your partner does not want to talk about it with you or your lover. This usually happens when a partner is mentally ill or has intimate problems. This simply sticks between partners and does not spread further.

Infidelity and Lovers
If you are having an affair, not only should you not talk about the affair, you should not talk about the affair. But you also should not speak publicly about your partner\’s affair, even if you are hoping to get back together or are thinking about forgiving them and rebuilding the relationship. In most cases, your friends will not understand.


Sure, we all talk about sex, even with friends, but not all aspects are suitable for public disclosure. [32] Especially if there is something a little out of the ordinary or a special deviation, it is better to keep it only between partners, or at best to talk about it with your best friend [33].