Stroke – a game of time and life

What exactly is a stroke? Let\’s look at it and explore it together today.

A stroke is a condition in which the brain is damaged due to a disruption of blood circulation to the brain. Most commonly, it is divided into two groups: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic is due to occlusion of cerebral blood vessels and occurs in about 75% of cases. Hemorrhagic is due to damage to the walls of cerebral blood vessels and occurs in about 25% of cases
Treatment depends on the extent of brain damage. Patients may recover completely or not recover at all. Stroke is the most common cause of death. Men are at higher risk of stroke than women.


Risk factors include being overweight or obese, not exercising enough, having high blood pressure, using medications, and having various vascular and heart diseases
How do you recognize a stroke?

A stroke is characterized, for example, by gait disturbance. They may suddenly feel dizzy or lose their balance.
Then there are also problems with speaking and understanding. This includes, for example, gossiping and slurring one\’s words. There is also visual impairment. They can go completely blind or have double vision. In addition, paralysis of the paraplegia (which is the most commonly recognized symptom of stroke)

What about prevention?

Basic prevention includes dietary modifications that limit fat, salt, and cholesterol. Some form of exercise is also strongly recommended. This may be swimming, tennis, or hiking. Smoking and alcohol cessation.


As for treatment, rehabilitation is needed immediately. This may take years or even a lifetime. Patients who have suffered a severe stroke are usually dependent on the assistance of others for the rest of their lives. The goal of rehabilitation is to teach patients to be independent and improve their quality of life. For more information, see .