This was the seventh and final Tekken title.

The video game was released by Namco Bandai for Sony1995 – 1

– The first game featured eight playable characterswere introduced, each with “sub-boss” opponents, stages, and themes to compete in the Tekken Tournament. Each character has their own version of the finale. The main storyline focuses on the Mishima clan. This storyline continues in other tournaments.
– The ending gives a glimpse of Kazuya defeating his father Heihachi in the tournament.
Gamepad PS4 Xbox
1996 – 2
25 characters.
Four game modes were also added: survival, team battle, time attack and practice. 42] – Heihachi won this time. Heihachi throws his son into an erupting volcano and takes over the family business, the Mishima Zaibatsu.
– Kazuya meets a young Jun Kazama during the tournament.

1998 – 3
23 characters.
– New characters including main fighter Jin Kazama (son of Kazuya and Jun).
– Classic mode was enhanced with Tekken Force and bonus mode Tekken Ball.
– This finale featured Jin. He avenges his mother Jun and kills the Ogre. However, he is shot by his grandfather, but survives thanks to the evil gene he inherited from his father.
Playstation Portable

2000 – TTT
– Tag Team Tournament was not included in this edition. Bonus mode Bowlwas included. TTT was also remastered and included in the 2011 Hybrid Collection.
2002 – 4
23 playable characters.
– The story reveals that Kazuya survived; 20 years later, he is about to take over the zaibatsu. The two Mishima are defeated by Jin, who transforms into an evil form and flies away.

2005 – 5
32 playable characters.
Includes Devil Within mode. In the end, Jin defeats his great-grandfather Jinpachi, who has taken over the zaibatsu.

2005 – 5: Dark Resurrection
– The first title to be expanded for another platform, this time for the PSP. Online mode was also introduced for the first time.

2008 – 6: Bloodline Rebelion
41 fighters. 111]It also expanded to consoles, becoming multiplatform for the first time Xbox 360.
– Kazama causes chaos with his dominance and tries to purify the evil gene with the help of Azazel. However, after the battle, the evil gene remained intact.

2011 – TTT2
– Tag Tournament 2,Wii U.

2015 – 7
– This game offered exclusive content and virtual reality support. This franchise was first released onMicrosoft Windows.
– The ending is considered the conclusion of the Mishima family saga. Heihachi is killed by his evil genetic son. Jin recovers from his coma after fighting Azazel and tries to kill his father to end the family\’s cursed lineage. The origin of the evil gene is revealed. It was already possessed by Heihachi\’s wife, Kazumi. She was killed by her husband.
– The game offersfighter expansion packs in the form of season passpacks.

Namco Bandai has not yet officially announced Tekken 8. However, the series has been a longtime staple of the Japanese publisher; T7 has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide since its release. As such, fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of T8.

The popularity of the series has also been helped by theTekken World Tourand the currentEVO Championship Series.